Girl Boss’s Guide to Work Etiquette – The low down on your 9-5er

Girl Boss’s Guide to Work Etiquette – The low down on your 9-5er

Sometimes the lines become blurry, or we let something slip because we’re tired, or NO ONE TOLD US that that is apparently “unacceptable” within corporate offices and our day to day work. Well after two years of swinging the corporate bat I’m going to share what I have learnt!


1. NEVER EVER EVER eat fast food/deep fried food/stinky food at your desk. At the time you may not think about it, but it is super permeable and can frustrate the people who surround you. If in doubt, take it to the lunch room!

2. The skirt and the shorts are to ALWAYS be knee length or below. Anything above the knee can just come across as crass, not to mention the constant worry of flashing your knickers. The only exception with this is if you are wearing leggings/thick stockings underneath, and please do not do this with shorts….

3. Cute and Classy ladies, Sexy is for the bedroom or the weekend.

4. Nails – now this one was a bit of a shock to me but totally made sense once I realised why. Please keep your nail length to a minimum, 90% of work involves typing, and that click clacking on the keyboard can actually drive some people quite nuts. Its like pen clicking repetitively, super annoying. Also keep to subtle colours with your polish.

5. Keep social media to a minimum during work hours. My company is largely relaxed and runs off more of a trust basis, so none of our internet content is blocked. Saying that, it’s not good for your boss to walk past and see you sitting on it. Also rack up the privacy on you Facey profiles, no one at work needs to see you drinking out of a shoe when you where 17…20…OK, OK last weekend, and it was a ice cream container.


If you ARE in a jam then head over to my Pinterest and have a look at what inspires me for my daily outfits!

FB&G xx

Time Management Hacks

Time Management Hacks

Always late? Wish you had extra hours for “Me Time” throughout the week? Well I’m going to help you kick-start your way into being super organised!

Evaluation of your Dumping Groundspaper

Evaluate how many “dumping points” you have in your life. These can be area’s where you put ‘stuff to do’ or ‘junk boxes’ and relate
to both work and home. These piles tend to get built up and forgotten about if there is more than one area in each part of your life. For me, I had three areas at work and MANY at home. After a week of condensing I managed to get these down to one in each place. This helped me in a few areas, including not loosing things, and not forgetting the to do’s

Multi Tasking is a Myth

post it gifIf you don’t believe me put it to the test. Get a piece of paper, write down F and underneath write down a 1. Get a timer (I used my phones stop watch), hit start and try to complete 1-10 whilst completing the rest of Fit Bold and, alternating between each letter with a number. Then complete doing one each at a time. Guarantee you that writing/focusing on one thing at a time is faster. So apply this to EVERYTHING you think you can multitask too, because the proof is in the pudding people!

Consolidation of Emails/Voicemail/Diaries

When you have more than two email inboxes to check three voicemail and a personal, work and kids diary to follow up on things tend to get left behind. I used to have this problem, and then I swapped everything to gmail, consolidated all my email inboxes to one, conjoined them all on my phone. I have diverted all my voicemail to my mobile number, and brought an A4 full page diary to fit ALL MY LIFE in. This has made the biggest difference to my daily life its not even funny, its hilarious. I have ONE calendar with EVERYTHING (including work) on my phone and the same process is carried across all my devices. My Life is amazingly busy but this change made the biggest dent in my time management.

Let me know what your tips and tricks are to give yourself more time and less stress!



Sustainable Weight Loss Made Easy

Sustainable Weight Loss Made Easy

Hey There Gorgeous!!

So we are now at the peak of winter (brrrrrrr), and it is time to start blasting the protective layer that we have gained over the last few months from all the comfort food.
giphycatIf you have found yourself at the bottom of the bag like this kitty here, have no fear. Hold tight and I’m going to give you some life saving tips on how to loose weight, gradually, and sustainably. This means that NO you wont have any ground breaking results in one or even two weeks, what  it means is,  that after four weeks you will FEEL healthier, look better and subsequently loose excess weight and keep it off!


Portion Sizes

tummy size
Your stomach is the same size as your fist, don’t stretch it!

This is probably your MAIN concern, and also the most easiest to fix.  Your stomach can stretch over time with over eating, this means you end up eating MORE than what is needed to feel satisfied. From here on in, every time you serve yourself a meal, compare it to your closed fist. This is what size your stomach should be.  Give it a couple of days, ride out the temptation to eat more than that each serving to make yourself feel “Full” and I can guarantee you that you will notice a change within the first                                                                                                                                         couple of weeks.


Love it or hate it it needs to be done. ITS SO HARD WHEN ITS 3 DEGREES!! I totally get it, BUT there is more than one way you can do this. You either fall in to one of three giphy (1)categories:

1. You have a gym membership and are addicted
2. You have a gym membership and go once a month. To use the spa. So you aren’t riddled with guilt over the cost of the membership.
3.Why run indoors and pay for it when you can do it outside for free?

If you are #1 and #3 then OK lets get into it, 1 hour a week. That’s all we need to start off with. Second week try for 1 and a half hours then ramp it up half an hour each week. You WILL see changes!
If you belong to a gym already, inquire about classes, Les Mills has an amazing timetable of classes that give you a huge motivational boost. If you would prefer to go for a brisk walk outside, that’s fine just  make sure you DO IT. And for all you #2ers, Get to it guuurrll. Do whatever it takes. Jump on Insta and stalk my motivational picks , jump on Pinterest to get some spark back in your booty! Do whatever it takes to get yo’ ass up and moving!

Drink Watergiphy (2)

All of it! If you drink water it will help you feel fuller in the first few days of changing your portion sizes. It will also flush out your system and help clear up your skin.

Go Junk Freegiphy (3)

We all know it, we don’t need to be told any more, butfast food is BAD. Kick it to the curb. IMMEDIATELY!  Cut back on sugar (as simple as cutting down from two sugars in your coffee to one) and limit alcohol. This one was the biggest thing for me, I have just completed junk free June and I feel AMAZING, my skin is better, my sleep is better, I’m more motivated AND I dropped from a size 12 to a size 10!! IN ONE MONTH!! So drop the crap out of your diet ASAP. I’m not saying don’t have a Tim Tam every-now and then (hell I had four the other night at 10.30) but make it a rare occurrence, a treat, a once a week thing, and I guarantee you, you will look and feel better.

So get cracking babes! And let me know how your going, share your progress on our Facebook page to motivate everyone (including myself!)



Skin Love!

Skin Love!

Our skin is super important, and if you live in a big city like me, comedogenics, carcinogenics, and every other nasty under the sun is part of the daily stress our skin is put under.  This means an impeccable skin care regime is needed to keep our skin just that…impeccable!

After around three years (and who knows how much money), I have finally found some products that actually work,  and I thought I better share them with you!


  1. Neutrogena Pore Refining Exfoliating Cleanser  $15.99
    This stuff is awesome, within 2 weeks I actually noticed a difference. I have huge pores and this has refined them and given me baby face quicker than anything I’ve ever tried. It is also affordable and has lasted me over two months with everyday use.  I wash my face with this first thing in the morning and as soon as I get home to remove my make up.
  2. Garnier Miracle Sleeping Cream $19.99
    At first I was hesitant with this one as I am not a fan of anything too creamy on my skin, but after a couple of nights I really got used to it and found I did indeed look A LOT better upon waking up. The main thing? those awful bags under my eyes had shrunk a fair amount.
  3. Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H $72.00
    This is by far  the most expensive cosmetic I have ever purchased. And I will continue to purchase this for the rest of my life. It is light, oil free, a you use such a tiny amount it that it last for around about 3 months (obviously depending on how much coverage you use, I use two pumps a day). Not only does it do all of this, it doesn’t clog my pores or give me break outs. In fact, since I’ve started using it my skin has improved.
  4. SkinFood Mud Masque $13.99
    I use this EVERY SUNDAY without fail. It is so good! Not only is it NZ made (woop woop!), your face feels amazing after a treatment, super soft and super relaxing, this masque is perfect to give your tired skin a revamp after a hard week.
  5. ChapStick Natural Papaw Lip Balm $8.99
    It smells great, it tastes great, its SPF and heals cracked lips in a day. Use it 24/7
  6. NeutrogenaOil-Free Moisture SPF 15 $15.99
    This is my daily moisturiser. I slather it on after I wash my face in the morning and before I apply any makeup. It is light, it has your basic SPF (super important!) and is oil free.
  7. WATER!(Free)
    Before I started forcing myself to drink 2 ltrs (yes it was a struggle at first) my skin was awful.  Not only that I felt tired and groggy throughout the day. Now I’m not saying you can eat chicken nuggets every day for lunch, drink 2 ltrs of water and be in tip top health, your diet IS a huge part of it too, but water 100% made a noticeable improvement to my skin. So buy a pretty bottle, and start swigging!!



My Top 5 Apps

My Top 5 Apps


  1. Career Girl Daily is the cream to my coffee! Full of new, inspirational and informative articles on anything and everything that a girl needs to know. From 7 Career-Advancing Free Courses You Need To Enroll In This Year  to How To Have The Best Sunday Evening Ever CGD has our backs.
  2. Pinterest, if you don’t have it get it now.  Whether you cant figure out what nail polish to have or want some fitsperation, its all waiting for you on Pinterest
  3. Designer Wardrobe is for all us full time working girls on a budget. Addicted to Karen Walker jewelry? Want that Sass & Bide top but don’t want to spend this months utility bill on it? Designer wardrobe is FULL of pre-loved designer brands.
  4. A Beautiful Mess App is my go to photography app. Full of cute add ins, gorgeous filters and collage options its an absolute bargain.
  5. Photo Wonder is AH-MAZING. Blemishes, red eyes, skin tone, unflattering thighs, can all be fixed with PW, and it is super easy to use!

Inspiration Explosion

Inspiration Explosion

On Thursday I had the most amazing opportunity to attend one of the most inspiring events that I have ever been to.

Dream, Girl is a collaborative film that has been created by like minded entrepreneurial woman, who have fought with their heart and soul to reach the top. Starring Erin Bagwell, Komal Minhas, (and many more), the film surrounds the trials, tribulations and successes that these amazing woman have faced breaking the stigma that woman who are EXACTLY LIKE US can do whatever we   dream we can do!

Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 9.56.03 AM
Tay and I with bubbles! Cupcakes where long gone!

Hosted by the amazing Michelle Keating  (check her out she is GORGEOUS) we all met at Grid Auckland, we had champagne, cupcakes and the opportunity to network with others who had the entrepreneurial dream.

My mind almost exploded with possibilities. If we are all here, following the same path it HAS to be possible. From ages 20-50 we are all striving to break free from the daily grind, and do something that we truly love, and as Michelle so clearly put it:

Start listening to out little voices that are inside of us”

One of the best things that have come from this event is I now feel like we are all connected, as a group, as a support system. A Facebook group (click here to join) has been created for us to link together as dreamers and creators, that focuses on support, adventure, and networking. We would ALL love to have you if you are even the slightest bit interested in following your dreams, so come on in, and follow your D R E A M S.


Keep dreaming gorgeous



Mornings Love ’em or Leave ’em?

Mornings Love ’em or Leave ’em?

Hey there!!

So are you an up and attem’ type of girl or do you hit the snooze button a little to vigorously?

Over the last few weeks I have had a taste of both to see what differences it makes to my day to day life and routine, and had a look into what the professionals had to say on the matter.

According to Professor of circadian neuroscience Russell Foster (Professor of napping and thinking), there is NO proof to support the theory that early risers have more productive days. Which kind of took me aback a bit, almost 90% of what I read and hear, supports the logic of “early to bed, early to rise” is the best way.

According to the Professor, if you ensure you have a good quality of sleep, don’t drink caffeine after lunch, switch of gadgets 30 min before bed, and ensure you soak up some vitamin D in the morning, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be 100% productive the next day.

sunset menu
   See you later Starbucks Sunset Menu!

So I tried it for two weeks.
And it SUCKED, big time!

I started off going to bed at around 11:00 pm each night, woke at 7:30 am, didn’t have caffeine after 12:30 pm, stopped the gadgets before bed, and tried to have the sunshine (its Auckland it rains a lot). The only benefit from this that I did notice, was my sleep was better, I was less restless and I didn’t wake up as much as what I usually do.
But getting up was actually torture, I was groggy, I was grumpy, and it took me around 2 hours to fully get into the swing of things. I also found that I began to stay up later, 11:00 became 11:30 within the week, and by Saturday night I was awake until 2 am without cracking a yawn. This was all good and well on the weekend, I definitely got some things done in the hours I was awake, but it was at the cost of exercise (hate it in the evening), washing (machine is too loud for the kiddies at night) and it was always damp when I went to bring it in so NOTHING was dry for around a week (sorry you had no undies babe!) and I also found that I was more hungry resulting in eating more.

So tired
Me trying to get up after snoozing…

At first I thought that maybe it was because it was new and a change to my routine so gave it another week, but my conclusion is, it is not for me. After two weeks of hitting the snooze from 7:30 to 8:00 am, I threw it out the window.

This week I’m back into the 9:30 pm bed times and 5:30 am starts and I’m sooooo much happier already. I’m more productive, we have clean clothes (HA!), I’m eating healthier and less, and I’m back into exercise. I am however keeping the rule of no caffeine after 12  pm, and gadgets off half an hour before bed as I do find my sleep is better with this.

So give it a go, my guess is that it is entirely personal preference and circumstantial, but for all the 9-5ers out there, let me know what works for you? Are you a night owl or a early bird?

Keep kicking butt whichever you are!





Hello world!

Hello world!

Welcome to my corner of the web. Where I will transfer my idealistic way of life to tangible prettiness for everyone who wants it.

For the last year I have felt like there is more to life than the Nine to Fiver (zzzzzzzzz), and now I am setting out to prove my theory!

With FB&G we are here to enjoy our passions, reach our goals by continuously striving to get Fit without the guilt! Be Bold without fearing  judgement, and to be Gorgeous in our each unique way that we all have inside!

This is a blog for anyone who wants to enjoy it, a place to sit back with a coffee/wine #whateverthehellyouwant and scroll through some pretty awesome content.

This isn’t a place you come to see what the Kardashian’s wore last week (although I’m obsessed with Kylie Lip Kits, oops!) or somewhere to compare your own gorgeous self to unrealistic standards. This is our safe place. This is our haven.

So let me know what YOU want to read in the comments below, you are the reason I do this and the reason I’m here!

Love your biggest fan,